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How to Check the SEO Score of a Website

Everyone wants to achieve a high score in his/her own particular field and SEO is not an exception. At our end, we have lots of significant factors which determine the positioning in search engine results but no one actually knows the proper algorithm of search engines and due to consistent algorithm updates from Google, it’s almost impossible to define the algorithm used for deciding search engine results on Google.

Hence we have to rely on SEO score of a website which heavily relies on some significant SEO determinants. Let’s explore the process:

W3C Markup Validation

Since web design is the foremost step therefore W3C markup validation becomes an important factor in deciding the final SEO score. With proper markups you can easily navigate the bots through your site structure and once it’s done; you have one half of the battle.

Alexa Global Rank

Alexa Global Rank is the first deciding factor for SEO score of a website. Global Rank defines the ranking of your website globally while comparing all the other websites available on the World Wide Web in terms of traffic. Rank above 1 million is a good starting point to go on.

Domain Authority

Internet marketers take this metric very seriously while analyzing the final SEO score of a website and it’s highly trusted as well as popular metric as well. Moz finalizes this score by analyzing some important factors defined by Google such as backlinks quality, number of backlinks, root domains etc. 30+ DA is considered a good score here.

Site Loading Time

Slower site loading time means you are losing many potential leads as today; visitors have lots of choices before them. Therefore it becomes quite an important deciding factor for SEO score. There are many websites from where you can check site loading time.

Spam Score

Another highly important factor derived by Moz. It scales the spam score of a website from 0 to 17 as there are overall 17 factors through which Moz derives the spam score. Ideally it should be less than 4 but alone this score doesn’t say much about any website.

Trust Flow & Citation Flow

Both are the factors from Majestic and currently highly influence the final SEO Score of any website. Higher trust flow means you have links from reputed and trusted websites, while, higher citation flow means the popularity and influence of the site in Google search.

Both of these factors scale the site from 1 to 100 and for a bit old website scoring 10+ is a good sign for both of the factors.


Backlinks are the building blocks of your website. If you have good backlinks then obviously you will perform well on all of the above-mentioned tools; that means higher SEO score. And if the backlinks are from unreliable and unstable sources or you have many backlinks from just one root domain or IP then it may be harmful and may result in lower SEO score.

Website Checker

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